Saturday, November 12, 2005

my angel

i know what i need to know
i don't know what i need to know
i think what you say
you think what you see
i see you twinkle
if i only need to know what you know
perfect summation ...
blended my vision
hearing sorrows of beautiful taste
feeling nice with sweet smell

i know what i want to know
i know what i need to know
walking contradiction ...
i feel what you say
times i want to say
breathe air
to see what you say
dissolves atoms, molecules
never to be seen again ...
lies, despair, agony
i hear the pain
only to beat right here
baked and broiled
my fallen angel
i shall carry you every time you fall
as sky cries in sorrow
honor your eyes
with sheer drops from heaven
transcends to be yet again

i feel you within me
graciuosly smile me yet again
never have i laughed
ever before in my life


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